The CNI and AWS collaborate to promote cybersecurity and innovation in the public sector

30/03/2023 Recurso de seguridad en Internet POLITICA INVESTIGACIÓN Y TECNOLOGÍA PIXABAY

He National Intelligence Center and National Cryptological Center (CNI-CCN), attached to the Ministry of Defence, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to jointly drive cybersecurity and public sector innovation through AWS cloud technology.

Within the framework of this alliance, AWS will help the CNI-CCN to define the security roadmap for public administrations, with different levels of maturity, and to meet their security requirements and the National Security Scheme, as reported by the technological multinational this Thursday in a press release.

In addition, the CNI-CCN and AWS will collaborate in various fields of security in the cloud. First, they will work together on training and awareness in cybersecurity focused on government institutions, through education, training and certification programs for professionals who are experts in technology and security.

They will also cooperate for the creation of security guides for the use of cloud technologyincorporating the shared security model in the AWS cloud and bringing his experience and knowledge to help organizations with the challenges they face.

Third, they will participate in joint events that demonstrate best practices for deployment and secure use of the cloud, for both public and private sector organizations. Finally, AWS will support cybersecurity operations centers in charge of surveillance, early warning, and response to security incidents in public administrations.


The company has explained that it has the certification of the National Security Scheme (ENS) high category and which has been the first cloud provider to accredit several security services in the catalog of STIC Products and Services (CPSTIC) of the CNI-CCN, which means that its infrastructure meets the highest security levels and compliance for state agencies and public organizations in Spain.

“All this grants Spanish organizations, including ‘startups’, large companies and the public sector, access to AWS infrastructure that allows them to make use of advanced technologies such as data analysis, artificial intelligence, databases, Internet of Things , machine learning and mobile or ‘serverless’ services, to drive innovation”, he detailed.

On the other hand, AWS has recalled that its new cloud infrastructure in Spain, the AWS Europe Region (Spain), allows customers to store their content in Spain, “with the assurance that they maintain full control over the location of their data.”

“This is a critical element for those who have data residency requirements. Customers developing applications in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation will have access to another secure AWS infrastructure region in the European Union, adhering to the highest standards of security, regulatory compliance, and data protection.”

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