Israel increases Mossad and Shin Bet budget by 37%

The detailed budgets of the Israeli intelligence agencies are a secret, but the total amount is available in the state budget law, in which it appears in the paragraph “Other Defense Expenditure”.

According to the draft law on the state budget, approved by the Knesset in the first reading, in 2023 this paragraph, which is actually the budget of the foreign intelligence service “Mossad” and the general security service (SHABAK), will amount to 13.74 billion shekels, and in 2024 – 14 .4 billion shekels, which is 37% more than the budget of this paragraph in 2022.

The Kalkalist publication notes that the sharp increase in the budget of the special services is most likely associated with the decision of the director of Mossad, Dedi Barnea, to carry out a large-scale restructuring of the organization, including significant investments in the departments of cybersecurity and technology.

Author: JJ Beat

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