Feelsgood and Fil Rouge invested two million dollars in the Zagorje gaming platform GameBoost

Venture capital funds Feelsgood and Fil Rouge, in the second round of investment in the company Global Gaming Services from Hrvatski Zagorje, founder Kristijan Salijević, co-invested two million euros in equal proportion, the two funds reported.

The investment refers to the Game Boost platform, which operates on the global market and enables users to buy and sell gaming services in a secure environment.

The platform promotes the multiculturalism and innovation of the gaming world, the involvement of women in the IT industry, and the effort and work directed towards a common goal, all with a good dose of fun.

The platform is used by tens of thousands of players of various ages and at all levels, and it is the first of its kind in Croatia and the region, according to the fund’s statement. It is added that it employs more than 20 people, along with another 700 freelancers.

Investors expect GameBoost to continue to grow, expanding into new markets.

Author: JJ Beat

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