Jovanović (People’s Party): The government avoids discussing Kosovo, that’s why there is no parliamentary session

The spokesman of the People’s Party, Stefan Jovanović, said today that the situation regarding Kosovo is the main reason why the spring session of the Serbian Parliament, which was supposed to be held in March, has not been scheduled, because the government wants to avoid discussing the issue.

“The People’s Party submitted an initiative for convening a session on Kosovo and Metohija, and I don’t see any possibility that the topic of the session will not be that issue,” Jovanović said for the portal, as reported by the People’s Party.

Jovanović added that there are no indications that a session of the National Assembly will be held.

“A month has passed since the previous session of the Assembly, but there are still no announcements when the session could be held. The President of the Assembly, Vladimir Orlić, quite creatively, but incorrectly and harmfully interprets the provisions of the Constitution, laws and rules of procedure regarding the session of the Assembly,” Jovanović said. .

Author: JJ Beat

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