STOCK EXCHANGE: Falling day in Helsinki – Nordea fell at the top of the exchange

Thursday was a down day at the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The stock exchange’s general index closed with a decrease of 0.6 percent to 10,604 points.

The most traded share of the exchange day had fallen by 3.0 percent to 10.36 euros Nordea. Share prices of major banks have fallen across Europe today.

Dividends were released on Thursday Valmet, United Banker, Tokmann, Orion, Kemira and Cityconistawhich weighed on the share prices of many of these companies.

Triton’s grip on Caverion tightened

Over the past months, the market has been closely monitored Caverion’s Thursday saw a series of new twists and turns in the tender competition.

About Caverion’s ownership Bain Capital investment company struggling with Triton said in the morning that he was calculating the minimum acceptance criteria for his purchase offer. Triton reduced its minimum acceptance criteria to 2/3 of the shares, while previously the purchase offer required 90 percent of the shares.

Caverion’s board, on the other hand, announced after this that it expects to recommend Triton’s purchase offer, while so far the board has supported Bain’s offer. According to Caverion’s board, it intends to change its recommendation to Triton’s offer if Bain Capital does not present a purchase offer by April 4 that “is at least as favorable to Caverion’s shareholders as Triton’s offer.”

Later in the afternoon, Bain Capital said it was “currently evaluating its next steps and will announce them in due course.”

Caverion’s share closed with a 1.3 percent increase at 8.76 euros.

Orion continues to study darolutamide

The pharmaceutical company Orion said in the afternoon that it had started a new phase 3 study related to the use of darolutamide. Orion has jointly developed darolutamide, a drug used to treat prostate cancer Bavarian with.

Orion’s B share closed down 3.4 percent to 41.55 euros. The price drop is largely explained by the release of the company’s dividend.

A blood technology company Nightingale again published its latest half-year review in the morning. The company’s turnover increased to 2.24 million euros in July-December, while the following company Inderes expected turnover to remain at 1.25 million.

Nightingale’s share fell 7.5 percent to 1.27 euros.

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