Moscow urges London to test on its territory the depleted uranium ammunition that it plans to send to Ukraine

The Russian authorities have urged the United Kingdom on Thursday to test on British territory the depleted uranium ammunition that it plans to supply to Ukraine and that London defends does not have a real impact on people’s lives or the environment.

“I repeat once again, if this threat or intention, I don’t know how you describe it, comes true and if (depleted uranium ammunition) is used, as for example in Syria, both the water and the soil will be contaminated,” he said. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

For the Russian official, the use of this type of ammunition “will poison (…) for decades” those who live in the territory where they are used, for which reason she has invited London to demonstrate that, indeed, they do not have a real impact about people’s lives.

“London, at least, could practice on its islands what kind of ‘standard weapon’ it has always used. They have the opportunity to carry out such experiments there, try it, feel the full spectrum of deadly consequences,” Zajarova said, according to the agency. Russian TASS news.

British authorities said Tuesday that they will deliver ammunition made from depleted uranium to Ukraine in a move aimed at increasing support for Kiev as it fights against Russian forces as part of the invasion, unleashed more than a year ago. .

Moscow, for its part, then denounced the supply of what they consider to be nuclear weapons and has warned the United Kingdom that the supply of this type of capability would mean raising the conflict “to a new level.” London for its part accused Moscow of “deliberately misinforming” on the matter and defended that the ammunition was not harmful to the population.

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