Sachsen-Anhalt: Bird flu is spreading

Bad Kösen (Saxony-Anhalt) – Death comes from the air and is invisible! Bird flu has been spreading again in Saxony-Anhalt since the end of last year. Now even the first zoo had to close.

The deadly virus (avian influenza) is transmitted by wild birds, is highly contagious and dangerous for all types of poultry. Since the first positive test result last week, the Tierpark Bad Kösen (Burgenlandkreis) has been in a state of emergency.

Because since then the mini-zoo has been closed, 48 birds have already had to be killed and another 57 animals are threatened with the same fate. “When one of our black-necked swans floated dead in the pond on January 25th, we knew immediately what the worst was,” reports Marno Scherling (50), chairman of the “Freunde des Tierparks Bad Kösen”, the association that runs the zoo.

By Monday, more birds were dying from avian influenza or had to be killed because they were in contact with infected animals. The deadly record: 48 swans, geese, ducks, owls and peacocks. Scherling: “This is a catastrophe.”

In the meantime, the zoo is fighting against him Total loss of its bird wildlife. The outdoor enclosures have been closed. There are disease protection mats everywhere, the staff works in protective suits. Scherling: “We are doing everything we can to fight the epidemic. But I’m afraid it’s not the end yet. The results of 57 other samples are still pending.”

In order to be able to avert the ruin, the zoo asks for donations. A wish list was also posted on his Facebook page, where helpers can finance materials such as disinfectants, sand and feed.

Author: JJ Beat

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