“Like a meteor”: Trump is rising in the polls despite the criminal proceedings – and this is why

Former President of the United States Donald Trump He landed tonight (Tuesday) in New York and is going to turn himself in to the district attorney. Trump is the first of the American presidents to face a criminal trial, against the background of the accusations that he paid hush money to the porn actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 elections. Arel Segal and Yriv Oppenheimer talked about the issue on 103FM with lawyer Mark Zell, the chairman of the Republican Party in Israel and the party’s global vice president outside the United States, who responded to the words and told about Trump’s rise in the polls despite the criminal proceedings.

Trump landed in New York: everything you need to know for the dramatic day in the USA

“I think that neither he nor the rest of us would like to see it, but it actually helps him, strengthens him in the polls. Since the indictment was announced, he managed to raise more than seven million dollars in three days, it’s something amazing,” said Attorney Tzel .

He also claimed that the indictment against Trump is indeed a precedent. “There was no such thing. I have no doubt, and I am not speaking only as the chairman of the party in Israel, all the experts in the US, almost all of them, others say that the legal story has no basis. It is indeed political persecution. The question is whether it will hurt Trump or help him . Right now it’s helping him a lot. In the polls he’s rising like a meteor, like a rocket. I don’t know how long it will last, but at this point it’s helping him a lot.”

“If it passes the preliminary stages, there are many requests to eliminate it outright, so it will go to the jury,” added Zell. “There are four or five investigations at the same time, precisely this indictment is the weakest. In my opinion, a political error by the New York prosecutor, he is a liar, a criminal. The whole story is interesting, the offense was statute-barred according to New York law, in order to prevent the statute of limitations they had to compound this offense of Falsification of business documents for some federal offense, which all federal officials have already said there is no offense. Even in the Biden administration they said there is no room to file an indictment against this man. The whole story is fabricated.”

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