Google Keep allows you to open two windows to place a note next to another on Android devices with a large screen

04/04/2023 Google Keep permite abrir dos ventanas simultáneamente en dispositivos Android con pantalla grande. POLITICA GOOGLE KEEP

Google Keep has implemented an update that adds multi-instance support, allowing open a second window of the ‘app’ to be able to have two notes open one next to the other and facilitate the way users work.

This app from the tech giant offers tools for users to organize their personal information through note files with the advantage that all the information is synchronized between different devices.

Face to offer a better experience for users, Google has added news and improvements. For example, it already introduced at the beginning of March a ‘widget’ that makes it possible to pin notes or lists on the home screen of the ‘smartphone’ to access the information quickly and facilitate the edition of the notes.

Now, Google Keep has introduced another novelty that is based on the ‘app’ compatibility with multi-instance support,which makes it possible open two Google Keep windows on the same screen y place next to each other so you can view and edit both at the same time.

That is, with the ability to open a second instance, the application will allow, for example, to open two Google Keep notes and place each one in one half of the screen. Thus, It facilitates actions such as consulting information in one of the notes and writing in the other.

This option is available for “big screen” Android devices. With this change, as the company has explained in a statement on its Google Workspace blog, the user will get a “better understanding of their notes” and more ways to “work, display, and organize their content.”

To open the second window, the user must select a note in Google Keep by holding it down and open the collapsible menu that appears by clicking on the three-dot icon located in the upper right corner.

After that, you must click on the ‘Open in a new window’ option,and the new Google Keep tab will automatically be placed in the middle of the device screen.

On the other hand, Google has also introduced support for using the mouse in Google Sheets and Slides on Android in the same way that it is used on the web.

Until now, you could already use the mouse to work with Google Docs on Android devices. With this update, it will also be usable in Sheets and Slides, enabling actions such as editing the size of unselected rows and columns, clicking or dragging the mouse.

Changes from these Google Workspace updates They have already started rolling out to all users with Android devices.

Author: JJ Beat

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