Druze doctors will join the reserve doctors initiative of the ‘For You’ organization

The heads of the association ‘For your sake’ arrived this week in Kfar Julis as guests of the sheikh. From Wapak Triff, the spiritual leader of the Druze community in Israel. At the request of the sheikh, the chairman of ‘For You’ and the recipient of the presidential award, Yossi Arablich, spoke about the activities of the organization since its inception for the benefit of patients in the State of Israel and abroad without distinction of religion, race or gender.

At the meeting, there was a discussion about medical cases that come to the door of the organization, in which the help of ‘Lemenach’ is requested in professional medical advice for patients in countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel. In addition, ways were examined to connect doctors and specialists from the Druze community to the organization as part of the project ‘doctors in the reserves’ and to deepen the cooperation in other ways.

The meeting between Amoat for your sake and Shih Triff (photo: Amoat for your sake)

The sheikh shared with the leaders of the organization in the lectures he gives with the aim of encouraging the members of the community to perform preliminary tests, “I published a halachic ruling on the subject explaining the importance of conducting screening tests for the early detection of malignant diseases,” said the spiritual leader of the Druze community. At the end of the visit, Sheikh Triff presented the organization’s chairman with the award ‘Dearest Druze Community’ for the great assistance to the members of the Druze community and the general public in Israel.

Chairman of the ‘For You’ Association and recipient of the President’s Medal for Volunteering Yossi Arablich He said after the visit: “Between us and the Druze community there is a blood alliance since the founding of the State of Israel, it is a right that is an obligation for us to take care of the health of our Druze brothers, it was a great honor for me to meet Sheikh Triff and to be impressed by his wisdom and his sincere concern for the members of his community.”

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