Why you should take a close look at corporate language

You can tell how a company ticks by its language. Expert Elisabeth Sixer explains why

New Work“ is the trendy term without which the world of work can no longer get along. It’s about diversityself-organized teamwork in companies, work at eye level, flexibility and also about manners and language. Why is the latter so relevant? Put simply, language shapes collaboration and corporate culture.

Die „Corporate Language“ (i.e. the company language) has a significant influence on the identity and the image of a company, according to the Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon. That means, depending on which terms a company uses, you can tell a lot about them corporate culture read out. Because: “Language and thinking are closely linked,” says organizational developer and podcaster Elizabeth Sixer.JANA MACKElisabeth Sixer on the language and corporate culture

The corporate language

Ob E-Mails among the workforce, advertising, the choice of words in front of the boss, conversations in the office or with customers: everything falls under “Corporate Language“. Depending on the industry and type of company, the language may look different.

In a boy Start-up will be around particular emphasis on easy-going, friendly Language laid, in which one is with everyone (regardless of the position) on a first name basis and is also allowed to scold from time to time. In a traditional bank, you tend to want the opposite. It remains to be seen which form is more beneficial.

According to a study by business psychologist Uwe Kanning and HR consultant Sarah Winkelmann, companies with “Salt-Cultr” be more employee-oriented and innovative. According to other studies, however, the first-name form can also be confusing or even irritating.

Ultimately, the language in companies determines that Image and what you want to present to the outside world. In concrete terms, this means: Companies use phrases and terms such as: “We down here, those up there”, “Delegating and empowering” or “they career ladder climb”, this could indicate a hierarchical work structure, says Elizabeth Sixer. Equality and equality are difficult to implement.

language in tenders

“Full-time employment in a dynamic Start-up-Atmosphere means a fruit basket, but little salary, doesn’t it?” someone writes down Twitter. Similar jokes about the “Corporate Language’ and how to translate them can be found by the thousands on social media.

Die Influencerin Loe Whaley (2.3 million Instagram-follower) even became famous because of her. But behind the jokes there is a kernel of truth. Whether you are in a corporate culture fits in, you can actually read out in advance in job advertisements.

Sea Elizabeth Sixer it all starts with the job description: “How is work and cooperation described? What is emphasized and what is not?” One focuses tender on team orientedagile and self-organized work, doesn’t fit with one Top-down-Structure (top down) together. Words like “high performers” and “individual performance” are also not included Teamwork compatible.

When you are in a Pursue wants to apply, it is therefore worth asking specifically what the Business understand the terms they use and how they put them into practice. These clues, or as Sechser calls them, “language traces“, can help or at least show you a direction, whether you are in the right place. At the same time, one must not distance oneself from Marketing be distracted by the company: “Companies also use language to appear more attractive.”

The language lies…

… where you leave them, “Secher quotes the Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek. Language is constantly changing and with it the meanings of terms: “Language has always been something living and is a Spiegel our social change. It creates reality and we should use it,” says the expert. Language should not discourage anyone from applying to companies, said Sechser. “You just have to know what you’re getting yourself into.”

Author: JJ Beat

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