STOCK EXCHANGE: A bullish opening for Wall Street – Hindenburg Research took aim at the payment service company of the founder of Twitter

Wall Street’s stock markets opened higher on Thursday.

The S&P 500 general index, which broadly describes the US stock market, was up 0.8 percent after five minutes of trading. The rise of the index was driven by shares in the technology sector when the stock market opened.

At the same time, the technology-focused Nasdaq had risen by 1.3 percent and the Dow Jones index by 0.6 percent.

In the United States, the country’s latest unemployment compensation application numbers were published before the stock markets opened. In the United States, 191,000 new jobless claims were filed last week, compared to the Bloomberg consensus forecast of 197,000 claims. Last week, 192,000 applications were submitted.

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Hindenburg found a new victim

Among individual stocks, the payment service company in particular attracted attention on Wall Street when the stock exchanges opened Blockbetter known by its old name Square. Activist shorter Hindenburg Research released a list of allegations before the stock market opened, in which it claims Block misled its investors.

Block has strongly personified the company’s founder and current CEO to Jack Dorseywhich is better known as an instant messaging service of Twitter as a founder. Dorsey is still a major shareholder in Block.

The claims published by Hindenburg Research are closely monitored in the market, as the company’s accusations have had a negative effect on the share price of several companies that have been the subject of accusations. Hindenburg has previously targeted a hydrogen car company, among others Nicholas and one of the largest companies in India of the Adani Group.

Block’s share was quoted on the stock exchange with a decrease of 21.1 percent at $57.33.

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