Report in the USA: Donald Trump did not report gifts worth $300,000

CNN reported today (Friday) that according to a new report by the Democrats published by the Oversight Committee of the US House of Representatives, it is claimed that the former President Donald Trump And his family did not report nearly $300,000 worth of gifts they received from foreign governments between 2017 and 2020.

According to the report, over 100 gifts from foreign parties, including from President Xi of China and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Bin Salman, with a total value of over a quarter of a million dollars, were never disclosed to the State Department as required.

Democrats in the House of Representatives argued that the disclosure of the foreign gifts “raises significant questions about why the former president did not disclose these gifts to the public.” We were also asked by them, “Whether it is possible that they were used to influence US policy under the previous administration.” In a report on CNN, it was stated that the Democrats’ report was supported by additional documents, but at the moment there is no evidence that US policy was influenced as a result of -Gift reporting.

The top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee told CNN that the fact that these items were never reported and some were “missing”, they “suggest serious violations of the section on accepting foreign gifts”.

Author: JJ Beat

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