Record champions KAC compete against the championship series from Salzburg

Semi-finals in the ICE Hockey League: Salzburg has already won 16 play-off games, the Klagenfurt defense should put an end to it.

The top scorer rating of the ICE Hockey League shows that the two opponents are more defensive. With 21 goals and 26 assists in 50 games, Peter Schneider is Salzburg’s top scorer and 12th on the list. The best KAC forward is ranked 23rd Rok Ticar with 18 goals and 26 assists.

The Klagenfurt came fifth in the play-off and threw VSV out with a 4:1 in the best-of-seven quarter-final series.

Diseases at the KAC

Striker Lukas Haudum still believes: “We certainly have to improve in the defensive zone, we were sometimes too passive and not consistent enough.” Although some Klagenfurt players have recently been weakened by illnesses, the personnel situation is improving: the recently injured Bukarts and Zalewski go back.

Along with Bolzano, Salzburg are favorites for the title. Across the seasons, the champions have won 16 straight playoff games.APA/Jasmin Walter

In the quarterfinals, as in the 2022 final, Fehervar had to believe in it 4-0. The KAC won the last play-off duel between the two teams two years ago 4-1 and became champion.

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