PSG-Rennes: Parisians run out of arguments (0-2)

Steve Mandanda at the microphone of Canal +: “The fight for Europe will be tight until the last second”

“It was an important match for us. We were coming out of a bad game, so winning here in this way, without conceding a goal, proves that we can do great things. You have to keep this state of mind, not only in big matches but every weekend and go all the way until the end of the season, to get the best ranking possible. »

“The fight for Europe will be tight until the last second. It’s up to us to be solid and to have a series of victories to hang on to Europe. »

“What did I think of PSG? I focus on my team, my club. The most important thing is to have won. We are happy with our game, that’s the most important thing. »


Vitinha at the microphone of Canal +: “Sorry to the supporters…”

“It’s a bad image of PSG, that’s for sure. We had a very bad game. There is a lot to say. Sorry to the supporters, who are still there. It’s not us, it’s not PSG, it’s not our team. We are very sad, we never imagined that. The whole team, all the staff, all the supporters don’t deserve this. »

“We are not going to think like that, to disconnect for the end of the season. There is a truce, we will think about what we can improve because it is not enough. We have to do better in the next game. »

It’s over at the Parc des Princes

Logical and inglorious defeat of PSG at home, against Rennes. Toko Ekambi (45th) and Kalimuendo (48th) punished Paris at the end of the first and the start of the second period. The international break comes at the right time for the Parisians!

90′ +5

Mbappé once again challenged by the Rennes defense. The Frenchman was not successful this afternoon…

90′ +1

Mr Delajod speaks briefly to his VAR referees about a possible Wooh handball in the box. Not so, they say.

5 minutes of added time

88′. The clock is ticking…

And Paris always breaks the teeth on the block Rennes, extremely compact. The center of Zaire-Emery, countered by Meling, is captured by Mandanda. Paris can’t do it today.


The IMPÉRIAL Rennes goalkeeper, who extended full length to deflect a point-blank shot from Marco Verratti.

83′. Rennes does not give in

Renato Sanches volleys a corner kick taken by Messi, but it is always diverted by a Rennes block which does not dissociate itself. Paris just can’t do it.

80′. Yellow card for Zaire-Emery

The young Parisian author of a fault on Theate. Logical yellow.

79′. Traoré already dangerous!

Toko Ekambi had pierced the Parisian defense in the center and shifted his side, which has just come into play. The shot from the flat of the Malian’s right foot goes over.

78′. Double change on the Rennes side

Spence gives way to Traoré, while former Parisian (and goalscorer) Kalimuendo is replaced by Ibrahim Salah.

Parisian leaders anything but happy in the stands…

74′. Acrobatic Mbappe!

Aerial recovery of the French on a good service, once again, from Messi. It’s pretty, but it’s mostly next door.

73′. The Rennes opportunity again!

Spence is well served on the right by Kalimuendo, in a desolate Paris defense. He finally stumbles on Donnarumma.

73′. Messi’s long shot…

It’s on Mandanda, which grows back well!


Change on the Rennes side: Doué gives way to Gouiri.

69′. Kalimuendo close to doubling!

The Parisian Titi is well served by Toko Ekambi behind Pereira’s back, but he comes up against Donnarumma.

68′. The frappe of Toko Ekambi!

Superb curled shot from the Cameroonian on the left side. It JUST misses Donnarumma’s goal.


New whistled offside against the Parisians. This time, it was Ekitike who was ahead of a cross from the right of Zaire-Emery, which had been cleared by the Rennes defense anyway.

64′. Mbappé… above

An offensive situation badly negotiated by the Parisians. Counter-attack initiated by Ekitike, who carries the ball then serves Messi, who finds Mbappé on the left side. The strike of the French is well above.


Good cross from Renato Sanches on the left side. Unfortunately, Ekitike is too close to take her back, and no one else is behind.

55′. Double change on the PSG side

Renato Sanches and Hugo Ekitike replace Juan Bernat and Fabian Ruiz. Change of system for the Reds and Blues, who move to 4 behind.

55′. Ruiz’s strike!

A beautiful Parisian movement! Nuno Mendes is perfectly served on the left side in depth, he finds the Spaniard back in the area but his instant shot is well countered by the Rennes defense.

53′. Mbappe!

The Frenchman inherited a good ball from Verratti in the box. Marked by Wooh, he strikes painfully in pivot and does not worry Steve Mandanda.

52′. Yellow card for Wooh

The Rennes defender simply stopped a ball that was heading towards Mbappé with his hand.

51′. Penalty for Paris???

49′ Kalimuendo’s goal… 2-0 for Rennes

Paris stunned and, once again, punished by an elder. Superb overflow from Ugochukwu, well served by Bourigeaud on the left side. The young Rennes out Kalimuendo on a set, alone in front of goal.


Corner for PSG after a free kick quickly played by Messi, which surprised Wooh. It does nothing.

Return of the players to the pitch

Warren Zaire-Emery comes into play on the Parisian side, in place of Timothée Pembélé.

It’s halftime!

Paris is, logically, led 1-0 by Rennes. Too purring, not efficient enough, Paris offers nothing very exhilarating.


45′. The Rennes opener…

It hung in the face of PSG. Bourigeaud sends a long deep ball towards his striker behind Danilo, the Cameroonian controls and connects with a cross shot that deceives Donnarumma. 1-0, logical.

40′. Mbappé’s opportunity again!

New pricked ball very inspired by Messi which launches Mbappé in depth. Alone against Mandanda, the Frenchman unleashes a powerful shot but the Rennes goalkeeper makes a classy save and captures the ball in two stages.

37′. The good return of Danilo!

Toko Ekambi had been launched in depth by Bourigeaud. Danilo stopped him from hitting, he finally loses the ball and Bitshiabu clears.

34′. The great Parisian occasion!

Nice pass from Vitinha towards Pembélé, author of a nice call on the right side. The constrained cross strike of the Parisian Titi is soft, and easily captured by Mandanda.

33′. MESSI !

Good ball from Fabian Ruiz who finds Messi in depth. The Argentine chained a dribble and a shot on Mandanda. He was offside anyway.


The Rennais are well in place defensively. After the fright of three chances in quick succession for Paris, the defense at 5 of the Reds and Blacks is currently blocking the Parisian offensives well.


This time, it is Mandanda who intervenes in front of the Parisian captain! What a stop! An inspired pass from Messi found the Frenchman’s call behind Christopher Wooh. The pricked strike from the top Parisian scorer collided with the former Marseille player.


Superb ball stung by Verratti, in depth for Mbappé launched on the left side behind Omari’s back. His cross shot from the left goes just wide.

23′. BUUUUUT FROM MBAPPÉ… refused.

The Frenchman had inherited a good ball behind Spence and had deceived Mandanda with a shot from the side closed. But he was 5 meters offside. No doubt.


As often, Paris is struggling to be dangerous by building its attacks. The ball turns without much rhythm, without madness, and it has difficulty reaching the Parisian offensives, very little in sight in these first 20 minutes.


Theate’s head above!

19′. Explanation between Nuno Mendes and Mr. Delajod

The Portuguese full-back protests after a whistled foul on a tackle against Spence, the Rennes right-back.

17′. Danilo too altruistic!

What an opportunity missed by PSG! Superb ball stung by Verratti above the Rennes area following a Parisian corner. Danilo, alone in front of Mandanda, takes the ball with his head… but chooses a bad pass rather than a shot. Paris loses the ball.

16′. Messi’s strike!

Good combination between Fabian Ruiz and the Argentinian, who tries to wrap at the entrance to the surface on the left side. It is countered in a corner.

11′. The frappe of Toko Ekambi!

The Cameroonian did everything to Bernat on this one! Superb right hook from “KTE” which clears the Spaniard, but his shot is blocked and it gives Rennes a corner. It does nothing.


Mr. Delajod whistled for a foul against Kylian Mbappé for a slightly manly shoulder shot on Omari, as they fought for a ball that went deep towards Mandanda’s goal.



Things are heating up in front of Donnarumma’s goal! Doué inherits the ball on the left side and crosses towards Kalimuendo, which is taken over by Nuno Mendes, once again imperial defensively. Doué then fouls Danilo.


Center of Pembélé… but no Parisian in the area.

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