Google prepares an autofocus tool for videos

Google is developing an autofocus tool for videos or Video Unblur, which would be similar to the one already implemented in its Pixel 7 devices and which would initially debut in its next series.

The company already has some tools dedicated to improving photos. Introduced Magic Eraser or Magic Eraser in the Pixel 6 range, a tool that allows you to remove people, animals or objects from images from your photography and video application, Google Photos.

Although this functionality was initially exclusive to the ‘smartphones’ it develops, it has been available to all users through its Google One subscription service for a few days.

Also, the latest released Pixel series, Pixel 7, already offers a tool called Sharpen or Photo Unblur, an automatic mode that applies focus to all images saved on the device, regardless of whether they were taken with that mobile or a different one.

This improvement of the images is possible because the device uses its Tensor G2 processor for this, which improves the functions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and improves the sharpness of the photos.

The company is now working on bringing this tool to other multimedia content. Specifically, to the videos. This function would be present in their next mobiles,as 9to5Google has learned.

This portal, which has found this option in the Google Photos tools section, has indicated that, once again, the device will make use of AI to keep the focus on the videos.

On the other hand, he commented that Google has introduced up to 14 new video effects in the app, including Polaroid, Super 8, VHS, Rainbow, Moiré, Gold, Crystal, and Reflection.

Author: JJ Beat

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