Google Drive removes the limit of files that can be created and stored in an account with or without a subscription

Google Drive has reverted the change by which it established a limit of five million files created and stored in a single account, regardless of whether it was an account attached to its subscription plans -which increase the storage capacity- or not.

The Google Drive storage limit for all free accounts is 15 GB and this space can be used for both Drive files and Gmail and Google Photos.

On the other hand, accounts that have a subscription to Google One expand this storage to a minimum of 100 GB from 1.99 euros per month, although it depends on the payment plan chosen by the account user.

Reddit users reported a few days ago that Google Drive was imposing a storage limit of five million files as the maximum number of items that can be created and stored with a single account.

This happened even if they were accounts with subscription plans to Google Workspace or Google One, a move the company made to “safeguard misuse of its system,” according to statements by the company spokesperson.

Although those affected initially thought that it was due to a system error, since Google had not notified them that they were reaching the limit of their storage. However, the company confirmed via the Google Drive API issue tracker that it was limiting the number of items to five million, regardless of file size or type.

Google has announced now that although it recently implemented this update “to preserve stability and optimize performance” and that “this only affected a few users”, has chosen to restore the usual format.

“We are reversing this change as we explore alternative approaches to ensure a great experience for everyone,” the platform has indicated through Twitter, where it has announced that if it needs to make changes, it will notify users in advance.

Author: JJ Beat

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