For health: a new development in a virtual hospital that will make it significantly easier for patients

A development by the Israeli med-tech company “MpCheck” for periodic medical examinations in a place convenient for patients, which was implemented in the virtual Sheba “BEYOND” hospital, will make it possible to perform periodic examinations at the workplace or at home in only 30 minutes. Sheba “BEYOND”: “Preventive medicine is the most important way to save lives.”

As part of an agreement recently signed with Teva, Teva’s employees will be able to perform periodic inspections at the workplace. “MpCheck”, a pioneer in the field of preventive medicine, allows patients to perform blood tests, urine tests, a test for the early detection of cervical cancer, a hearing test, and more – all within 30 minutes at their convenience. The results reach a dedicated system of screening tests, which is located at Sheba, and is interfaced with the patient’s medical file. Integrating the tests into the daily work routine will help prevent diseases and save lives, and the screening tests have a decisive weight in this.

Hadar Amir, co-founder of Sheba “BEYOND” and vice president of business development and innovation: “We are excited to provide Teva employees with the opportunity to perform periodic tests at a place that is convenient for them. When a low percentage of Israeli citizens perform the periodic survey tests, the situation needs improvement. Preventive medicine is the most important way in the world of medicine to prevent diseases and save lives, and we at Sheba ‘BEYOND’ are happy about the possibility of bringing about an increase in the rate of those examined.”

A bud of passion, CEO of “MPcheck”: “If in the past the employees were required to come to the various laboratories for half a day, the development of technology enables a much more convenient and customer-friendly process. This service allows employees to maintain their health without harming their daily routine, and to receive an innovative and advanced service at their place of work.’

Author: JJ Beat

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