Dveri: Serbs in Kosovo, left to their own devices, massively re-register vehicles

The Dveri movement assessed today that the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, who are left to their own devices and to the Kosovo authorities, are forced to re-register their vehicles with “RKS” license plates, the movement announced today.

“No media in Serbia reports on what is happening in the north of Kosovo these days. Left to the separatist authorities in Pristina, Serbs are forced to re-register their vehicles. This example best shows the depth of the betrayal of Aleksandar Vučić, SNS and their executors the so-called ‘Serbian lists’. These days, Serbs, left to themselves and the Kosovo authorities, abandoned and left by their country at the mercy of the Greater Albanian authorities, massively re-register their vehicles from KM plates to RKS plates (‘Republika e Kosoves’). “, the announcement reads.

Dveri stated that the Serbs are “faced with an ultimatum from Pristina” that their vehicles will be confiscated after March 31, 2023, so they decided to take this step.

“The premises of the Automobile Association of Serbia (AMSS) are littered with vehicles and requests for re-registration. The question arises, who allowed or ordered AMSS to carry out this dishonorable work on behalf of the Pristina authorities? After this example, the question arises as to what all the humiliations Aleksandar Vučić and the SNS will expose the Serbs and the Serbian state in the coming days to Kosovo, but also beyond,” said the movement.

Author: JJ Beat

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