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Takida’s “The Agony Flame” album is a powerful and intense musical offering. With their signature hard rock sound, Takida delivers a collection of hard-hitting tracks filled with raw emotion and energy.

The album’s heavy guitar riffs, driving beats, and soaring vocals create a dynamic and captivating listening experience. The lyrics delve into themes of personal struggles, pain, and inner turmoil, reflecting the band’s ability to convey raw emotions through their music.

“The Agony Flame” showcases Takida’s ability to create anthemic and impactful songs that resonate with fans of hard rock and alternative music.


Takida – The Agony Flame Lyrics and Tracklist

Third Strike
The Other Side
Sacred Spell
In Time
Your Blood Awaits You
Nothing But a Misplace
The Loneliest Hour
Isolated (Smoke & Mirrors)
On the Line
Second Fiddle

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