Coal-fired power plants are being built in China at a breakneck pace – two new power plant decisions every week

China is still planning to build huge numbers of new coal-fired power plants. There are clearly more new coal power plants in the plans than what the rest of the world is planning in total.

Research institutes are investigating the matter Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air Crea and Global Energy Monitor Gem.

According to them, China approved 106 gigawatts of new coal-fired power plants last year, making an average of two power plant decisions per week. There were already 50 gigawatts under construction last year.

The regions of the country decided on the major lines of investments already in 2021 due to the energy shortage. Especially during the worst moments of heat waves, the energy demand is 230 gigawatts, according to the German engineering publication VDI Nachrichten.

China aims to be carbon neutral in 2060.

Author: JJ Beat

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