China advocates strengthening military cooperation with Russia

The Chinese authorities have advocated this Thursday to strengthen military cooperation with Russia in the framework of an improvement in bilateral relations between the parties after the meeting between presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin in Moscow, the Russian capital.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of the Asian giant, Tan Kefei, has indicated that the Chinese Army “is willing, together with the Russian, to make efforts to strengthen strategic communication and coordination” between the parties.

Thus, the parties plan to implement the measures agreed by both leaders during their meeting last week. With this, the authorities of the two countries seek to “strengthen the capacity of the Chinese, Russian and Iranian Naval Forces to carry out certain tasks at sea.”

“The exercises further strengthen the traditional friendship and practical cooperation (of the Naval Forces of the three countries), and have a positive impact on the guarantee of maritime security, regional peace and stability, as well as the formation of a community single-destination sea”, defended the spokesman.

His words come after the joint naval exercises carried out by these three countries between March 15 and 18, in which they had the participation of warships and boats from the different armies.

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