Appeal trial underway in Moscow: Gershkovich appeared in court, the ambassador was also present

It is the first time that Russia has prosecuted a foreign journalist for espionage since the Cold War.

Appeal proceedings Journalist of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) arrested in Russia Evan Gershkovichin for release has started on Tuesday in Moscow at around 12 o’clock Finnish time.

Gershkovich is accused of espionage. Both Gershkovich and the WSJ have denied the allegations.

Gershkovich appeared before the court a little before the same time in Finland, reports the Reuters news agency. The trial is reportedly still ongoing. The US ambassador to Russia is also present Lynne Trace.

Bridge at the moment, Gershkovich has been remanded in custody until May 29. It is possible to extend the pretrial detention.

The appeals process calls for Gershkovich’s immediate release. The court can also decide to continue Gershkovich’s imprisonment in Moscow’s Lefortovo prison, transfer him to another prison, house arrest or release him on bail.

Gershkovicin the arrest in late March was the first time Russia has prosecuted a foreign journalist for espionage since the Cold War.

Behind the imprisonment is Russia’s 2012 espionage law. It makes it possible to define journalistic information gathering as “espionage” if Russia says it threatens the country’s security. Gershkovich’s arrest is the first time Russia has applied the law to a foreign journalist.

In Russia, you can get a 20-year prison sentence for espionage.

Arrest has been widely condemned around the world. Among other things, the president of the United States Joe Biden and editors-in-chief of several international media outlets have called for Gershkovih’s immediate release.

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