Android 14 will alert of a “very low” battery level

The next android version It will incorporate a new alert for when the user is about to run out of battery, along with other innovations that Google is working on, such as the image selector or greater efficiency in app updates from third-party stores.

The preview version for developers of Android 14 continues to show the news that is expected to reach users of devices that use Google’s mobile operating system by the end of the year.

On this occasion, the novelty is intended to alert the user when you are about to run out of battery, as reported in Android Police. Specifically, the new notice will report a “very low” battery level, when there is just 2 percent.

Currently, Android 13 notifies in two moments when it detects that the mobile battery is low: when there is 20 percent and when is left 10 percent. In both cases, the user can consider continuing to use the device for a while longer, unlike if a lower percentage is indicated, with which he will have less time to locate the charger and a plug.

Some novelties that have been known before are the recovery of a wave in the multimedia player, an image selector that limits the access of apps to the gallery or news for third-party stores, such as improvements in updates.

Author: JJ Beat

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