Airports in the Ile-de-France: the kerosene supply has “become crucial” as a result of the strike

This is a brand-new result of the protests against the pension reform, and it this time it has anything to do with airplanes. With the refinery strikes, the supply of kerosene from Normandy to the Île-de-France and its airports “is becoming vital,” the Ministry of Energy Transition stated on Thursday.

The executive has “taken a requisition order” regarding the strikers at the TotalEnergies refinery in Normandy, which was closed over the weekend and is preventing fuel exports; “but it has not been decided to inform it at this time,” the ministry stated.

“The government is keeping an eye on the issue with professionals and prefects, hour by hour and department by department. We intervene strategically to clear deposits that protesters have blocked. We shall assume our obligations as soon as requisitions cannot be avoided, said Agnès Pannier-Runacher, minister of energy transition.

The businesses that were encouraged to make arrangements

To its part, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation has been cautioning airlines to exercise caution for several days due to “stress” in the kerosene reserves at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports. For this reason, two “notices for air missions” (NOTAM) have been made public.

VIDEO. Transport in the Ile-de-France is nearly at a stop due to the March 23 strike.

“The kerosene supplies in Paris Charles-de-Gaulle are under threat right now. All aircraft to Paris-CDG are requested to take as much gasoline as possible from their airport of origin, within the constraints of the operating capacities “of the device,” advises the DGAC in a message received on the 17th of March, in order to avoid any operational issues.

The following day, a nearly identical NOTAM for Paris-Orly suggesting the same actions was published, emphasizing that “kerosene supplies at Paris-Orly are subject to special monitoring due to supply issues.”

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