After Iran: Saudi Arabia is expected to renew its ties with Syria

Syria and Saudi Arabia have agreed to reopen their embassies in the countries after a prolonged diplomatic disconnection of more than a decade, sources familiar with the details told the Reuters news agency today (Thursday).

After Saudi Arabia: this is the next Arab country that may renew its relations with Iran

According to the sources, the resumption of contacts between Riyadh and Damascus was made possible thanks to the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which is considered one of President Assad’s main allies. The re-establishment of ties may mark one of the significant steps in the normalization of relations between Arab countries and Syria, after the crisis surrounding the outbreak of the civil war in Syria. The sources also said that the embassies will probably be opened after the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

As a reminder, the official Iranian news agency IRNA announced earlier this month that an agreement was reached with Saudi Arabia on the renewal of bilateral ties and the reopening of embassies in the next two months. According to the report, the agreement was formulated following talks held in Beijing, the capital of China.

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