The apple brand tastes Lio’s Banana split for its new yellow iPhone

The singer’s first hit, released in 1979, gained international notoriety thanks to an Apple ad.

Thanks to Apple, a song by Lio gets a second life, almost 40 years after its release. On Tuesday March 14, the American giant unveiled a new color for its iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, yellow. To promote this shade – which has disappeared since the iPhone 11 – Apple has published an advertisement on Youtube “radiant” made of yellow and Banana splitthe French-language hit signed Lio and released in 1979. Thanks to this clip, which has already exceeded 2.5 million views, the song is about to make its big comeback in the rankings.

The singer and the authors of the music and the text expressed their enthusiasm in the columns of the Parisian . “Happy for The Banana Split and for my applejokes Lio. We stay in the fruit”. The songwriter of the tube, Jay Alanski, is surprised to see that the ad has finally come out. “There were very few commercials on this song, he confides. Ten people wanted to use another Lio song, “As good as gold”, but none have emerged. We regularly have requests for uses, but generally it does not succeed”.

Guess this time was the right one. It is perhaps even this clip, commissioned from the French production box Division, which will propel Lio’s song in the Spotify, Shazam and Billboard rankings. This is not the first time that Apple has used a French song to promote one of its products. In 2008, to support the campaign for the first MacBook Air, the brand used New Soula title of Yael Naïm, allowing him to sell more than one million singles in the United States.

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