For the first time in Israel: a breakthrough treatment for pancreatic tumors

This week a unique operation was held for the first time in Israel at the Gastroenterology Institute at the Wolfson Medical Center. As part of the operation, a radioactive substance called Oncosil was injected into the patient who was diagnosed with an advanced pancreatic tumor. The innovative and groundbreaking treatment is approved by the FDA as a breakthrough technology, and so far about 250 patients in Europe, Australia and New Zealand have been treated with it.

“While today the accepted treatment for patients with pancreatic cancer is one of two types of chemotherapy, the unique treatment makes it possible to give a large and focused amount of radiation directly into the tumor without affecting and damaging other organs,” explains Dr. Tomer Griner, director of the invasive endoscopy unit.

Prof. Eran Israeli, Director of the Gastroenterology Institute at the Wolfson Medical Center, added: “The goal of the treatment is to reduce the tumor to such a level that it will be possible to perform surgery and resection of the tumor. This is the first time in Israel that the radioactive medicinal substance to treat a cancerous tumor is injected directly into the target organ under EUS guidance.”

“In recent years, the Wolfson Gastroenterology Institute has been experiencing tremendous momentum and is constantly working to expand the range of services for patients and ensure that all treatments in the department are at the top of the scale of innovation in the field. We are happy to be the first to perform this operation in Israel and believe that this is real news for cancer patients in Israel And in the whole world”, Prof. Israeli concludes.

Author: JJ Beat

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