DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM : Being as an Ocean Death Can Wait (Zip/Mp3)

Being As An Ocean is a band that has announced the release of their new album “Death Can Wait” on February 2, 2024. The album will have 10 songs and will be available on various platforms such as Amazon, Bandcamp, and Out of Line Music.

Being As An Ocean has shown that music just got better. He has won numerous awards from his previous songs and with the cooperation of his fans he hopes he can win more with this new song theme “ Death Can Wait Album“.



Year Released: 2024
Artist: Being As An Ocean
Album Title: Death Can Wait
Author: Jordi Wilson

Tracklist :-

Beautiful Agony
Swallowed by the Earth
Purest Love
… Gave it a Voice So That My Heart Could Speak
Flesh and Bone
Paradise in My Mind
Death Can Wait
The Fullness of My Being

The inspiration behind Being As An Ocean’s “Death Can Wait” album is to live in the moment without judgment or fear of circumstance. The band shares that the album is about being mindful of the gift that life is and not squandering it on frivolous or excessive distractions, diversions, and being focused on goals, aspirations, passions, and constructive obsessions. The album is a reminder to live life to the fullest, as none of us knows how much time we truly have in this life

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